Organizational Benefits to Training

Organizations that embrace Professional Development Training as a pathway to continuous learning and invest in their talent, will forever remain ahead of the competitive field. Organizational Benefits to Training are measured in many studies that indicate a range of positive impacts like improved talent retention, morale, and productivity.  Training is the catalyst to a stable and productive talent pool, a fundamental driver for the culture of your organization, and the best approach to improving business skills.  Leaders who promote “continuous learning” and then offer a platform for employees to take advantage of self-directed growth, are by far, the most successful at meeting production and talent goals. Focusing on the Business Skills of our employees allows both enhanced productivity and resounding positive cultural impacts for the future focused organization.

Why is this?  Well, in order for team contributors to feel a level of fulfilment there also needs to be a sense of participation, purpose, and inclusion.  These attributes cannot be derived from training alone, the organization and the leader must align them with practical application of newly learned skills and then embrace accountability through measurement.   Ultimately, the best learning efforts offer core content that aligns to job roles, ancillary support material that can be used as a resource, and coaching/mentoring to help participants execute the new skills with support. Explore all of the research…

Written by Phil Ventresca, M.B.A.

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