Systems Thinking

Course Code: 2083

This AMS course provides a deep insight to the skills, tools, and techniques associated with Systems Thinking. It can be used as part of a progressive curricular, standalone learning experience, or team up-skilling initiative. Systems Thinking is a key skill in today’s progressive organizations. Unlike other thinking concepts such as Design, Creative, and Critical, Systems Thinking differs in its structured application of connected and dependent progression. Thus, a Systems thinker must embody a wide skill set to see all aspects of an eco-system at a strategic level yet be able to disseminate the micro elements that bind it together. Systems Thinking can be applied to the workings of your organization or finitely applied to complex process, technology, and problem solving. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with imbedded scenarios, participating in table exercises, building a personal action plan, and sharing with their peers.

Learning Modules

  • Problem Structuring
  • Casual Loop Modeling
  • Dynamic Modeling
  • Scenario Planning and Modeling

Who Should Attend

Individuals seeking to deepen their ability to embrace and act upon strategic, operational, and tactical elements of complex scenarios.

7 - PMI/IIBA® - PDU/CDUs - 2-3.5 Hour Sessions

Cost: $642.00

Available Classes:

Instructors: David Wallis
Option 1: 08/12/2020 - 08/13/2020

  • Session 1/2: 08/12/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET
  • Session 2/2: 08/13/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET