Open Enrollment Training

Project Management Fundamentals

Course Code: 165

Project Management Fundamentals are the inherent core skills, structure, and process found within a stable project management focused organization. By aligning skills within the planning, execution, measurement and closure phases of a project, particpants will be able to better understand the variables associated with project performance.

Learning ModulesĀ 

  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Measurement
  • Project Closure

Who Should Attend

Project Managers wo are seeking to baseline their skills inventory and establish a core set of growth competencies to align with career advancement within the PM discipline.

Delivery Modality: Live Online ā€“ Open EnrollementĀ (See below)

Intact teams of 5 or more registered particpants qualify for extended discounts, guaranteed scheduling, and customization options.


Industry AffiliationsĀ Ā 

7 - PMIĀ® - PDUs - 2-3.5 Hour Sessions

Cost: $850.00

Available Classes:

Option 1: 11/04/2020 - 11/05/2020

  • Session 1/2: 11/04/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET
  • Session 2/2: 11/05/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET