Global Leadership Skills

Cost: $200

Date and Time(s):

  • 05/16/2018 at 1:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST

The ability to function effectively in multiple cultural settings is now an essential leadership requirement. This program focuses on developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ), resulting in a more effective globalization effort. Included are tools, techniques, and scenarios to enhance CQ. Executive level practitioners, experienced in Globalization, M&A, Transformational Change and Multicultural/Global team Deployment, will facilitate the program.

Duration: One, two-hour session

Instructor: Angie Sokol

Content Learning Themes

  • Identify and embrace the global mindset
  • Assess current skill level against a global leader profile
  • Effectively lead a multi-cultural team
  • Enhance and strengthen team-based collaboration throughout global business units
  • Implement best practices for effective global communication across cultures
  • Manage, deploy and measure global business strategies

Course Overview

  • Introduction
    • Course overview

    Module 1: Globalization is the Future

    • International vs. Global Mindset
    • The Common Thread to Being Global
    • Building a Global Team 

    Module 2: Communicating Across Cultures

    • Overcoming Global Communication Challenges
    • Managing Virtual Communications
    • Providing Feedback for Empowerment

    Module 3: A Successful Global Leader Profile

    • Being a Global Leader
    • Developing the Skills to Lead Globally
    • Things a Global Leader Does Naturally

    Module 4: Global Strategy Implementations

    • Planning with Global Focus
    • Deploying Global Projects
    • Understanding Global Project Lifecycle


    • Program Review
    • Action Plan

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