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Diversity and Inclusion

Course Code: 2045

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is key to achieving and sustaining competitive advantage in todays distributed teams and organizations. The top three reasons for investing in D&I are improving employee engagement, serving customers more effectively, and increasing organizational innovation/agility. According to a poll of 245 companies, D&I is becoming a strategic business driver that has direct impact on organizational effectiveness, profitability, and reputation. Even more compelling is the impact of D&I on organizational culture, attraction, and overall corporate moral.

Learning ModulesĀ 

  • Key Diversity and Inclusion Concepts
  • Creating a Unified Vision for your Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Deconstructing Bias across generational, race, color, creed, and orientation
  • Appreciating Differences

Who Should Attend

Managers and leaders who want to enhance collaboration and performance in a diverse setting.

Delivery Modality: Live Online ā€“ Open EnrollementĀ (See below)

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Cost: $850.00

Available Classes:

Option 1: 12/17/2020 - 12/18/2020

  • Session 1/2: 12/17/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET
  • Session 2/2: 12/18/2020 from 1:00 pm ET to 4:30 pm ET