Adventure Learning


“Putting the Adventure back in Learning”

AMS Adventure Learning Solutions challenge individuals and corporate teams to experience an adventure activity within a structured learning environment. Teams or individuals will be guided through customized hands-on activities with targeted learning points resulting in a total developmental experience.  Specific learning objectives will be discussed both in the field and afterwards with the AMS leadership team.  This blend of abstract environmental learning, professional guidance and expert leadership coaching, results in a robust learning environment with practical and actionable benefits to individual learners and organizations.

AMS Adventure Learning Solutions consist of the following options:

  • Personal Discovery: Exploring comfort zones and constraints that hold us back from recognizing our full potential.
  • Culture: Domestic and global interaction with cultural elements (history, food) through adventure.
  • Professional Development: teams, collaboration, innovation.

AMS Adventure Learning Solutions can be applied to the following learning objectives:

  • Innovation
  • Decision Making
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Thinking/Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Trust

Any of these learning objectives can be combined together for a customized learning experience. Forward looking plans or personal expectations within the subset of the group can also be integrated into the experience depending on the application and configuration of the adventure.

A portion of the proceeds from any AMS AL activity will be granted to charity and some experiences will operate within a charitable event already underway.

The AMS team of expert guides and leadership coaches will customize a learning experience built around the activities of: Dual-Sport Motorcycling, Snow Sports, Rock Climbing, Rafting, Golf, Hiking and other outdoor activities.  AMS Adventure Learning curriculum is offered in specific areas of the U.S.A., APAC (Asia Pacific) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).  We accommodate individual open enrollment programs, corporate groups or multi-organizational programs.  Each program is customized to vary by skill levels and expectation and offers a platform to network and “think” with individuals who are inspired to learn through adventure.

Please contact an AMS Business Development Manager to learn more about how an Adventure Learning Solution can help you expand your learning horizons.