Negotiation Applied Learning

Negotiation is the process through which two or more parties seek an acceptable rate of exchange for items they own or control. Having the ability to negotiate well can affect so many key factors in our careers. We negotiate for our jobs and salaries, for promotions and resources, and with clients and colleagues.

Project Description:

The course was set up as a three-day course over a period of 3 weeks. The class met once a week for eight hours. During the first class, negotiating teams were established and a case study was presented. After learning the concepts and best practices of negotiation techniques, participants were asked to prepare for a final negotiation using the strategies learned in class.


This project focused on a negotiation course at an automotive company. Most participants were novice to the art of negotiation.


The automotive company worked with the UAW. While management and the Union worked together as one company, the relationship was strained. Management felt it was important for employees to build competency and have a robust set of tools in their toolbox. They felt it was important for employees to understand the strategies needed to have an honest and fair negotiation.


Participants met with their individual teams outside of the class. They worked on their strategies for the final negotiation. One side was clearly more prepared than the other. Great discussion and impactful learning took place.


Participants learned how to reach amicable closure without irreparable harm to the initial objectives, while fostering honesty and trust between the negotiating parties. They also learned to seek solutions to the issue under negotiation that not only satisfied their own concerns, but also satisfied the concerns of the other party.