Business Analysis Curricula

Building an effective BA curricular that embraces both IIBA and PMI concepts was a refreshing approach to help this organization integrate the PM and BA process across the enterprise.

Project Description:

This project was built to enhance both BA competency and the underlying processes to support them across several integrated business units. It was determined by stakeholders that the BA function was at the forefront of building in efficiency and measurement across the IT project portfolio and that the skills each BA developed would ultimately be reflected in; less re-work, higher end-user uptake and general satisfaction. The ultimate goal was to enhance and optimize process through the development of people and the leveraging of technology.


The client is a global energy resource with both commodity allocation and hardline operations.


The client was seeking a standardized Business Analysis (BA) training curricula to address the needs of its technology mangers and their roles related to; requirements elicitation and scope development.


AMS designed and delivered a customized BA learning track that addressed both hard and soft skill areas of the practice. The client provided internal methods to help align the programs with their process and each participant was run through a mixed cohort format to allow for cross training. Developers, IT managers and project managers participated.


The client’s ability to manage and develop scope was increased almost immediately by using the tools provided. However, the greatest benefit was seen by exposing the participants to a cross responsibility learning environment. The mix of roles allowed them to share impact points and one of the key takeaways was a refinement of internal methods. Ultimately, the client benefited from the enhanced competency of the participants and also gained valuable insight to the supporting process which was tweaked as they progressed leading to both continuous learning and improvement.