Training Program for Distributed Team Members


The client is a national distributor of quality controlled foodservice products with distribution facilities in 12 states.


Create a core training program for the organizations sales management team focused on providing skills to help them manage a demographically dispersed group of 500 sales associates. The client is seeking to bring continuity to the sales message as well as provide a better platform to keep associates “in-tune” with the corporate initiatives without being able to have daily face to face contact.


The initial focus of this program was pointed at the sales managers who had the responsibility of training, coaching and reviewing each sales person. The AMS team taught them the techniques to better manage in a virtual team environment. This core training program helped them to gain competency beyond “basic” team management skill sets. In addition to the management training they received coaching skills that were useful during times when the sales force was not at hand and communications were one on one. These coaching skills were tied to corporate objectives and directly back to the associates’ performance via a customized 360 degree assessment process.


As a result of the training and additional coaching skills each territory sales manager saw a decrease in turnover and an increase in customer satisfaction. Based on a sampling of the clients and staff one year after the program it was cited by the CEO that they reduced employee training cost by 5% and over all territory sales by 8% attributed to this initiative.