Vision, Mission and Values


We remain future focused and dedicated to growing our industry, talent, clients, and solution portfolio by developing Leadership Teams, Management Skills, and Organizational Best Practice, with Innovation, Agility, Scale, and Global Reach.


Our Clients
We will continue to serve our global clients in multiple industries by providing them with forward-thinking solutions to their business challenges. Our intention is to create long-term partnerships and assist client organizations with the development and realization of sustainable results.

Our Associates
Our team is comprised of executive-level individuals with proven expertise and practical experience. All AMS contributors share pride in our firm and dedication to its goals. We recognize that our success as an organization is due to their collective effort, and we will continue to support their development.

Our Industry
As a leading provider of training, consulting, and coaching services, we accept the responsibility to deliver optimum levels of quality in our practice areas. We will continually strive to represent our trade in an ambitious, passionate and creative way, etching a benchmark within our industry.


We will be thoughtful of others’ situations and ancillary variables before making statements in any context. We will also be thoughtful of the internal/external impact of our statements as they relate to all circumstances. We will always consider how our actions and statements will impact the recipient of the message and will never deliver a communication that will result in dissention.

We will be respectful of our surroundings, others’ feelings and needs. We will at all times represent ourselves as stewards and show an open willingness to understand and help one another.

We will be considerate towards circumstances and individuals with which we interact. Our interactions should be driven with empathy and collaborative intention. We will at all times show consideration toward each other’s efforts and focus on building the bond that is required to create a trusting environment.

We will be contemplative prior to expressing our opinions as they relate to each other. We will promote this behavior by embracing the skills to listen and respond in a productive manner. We will exercise this value by considering the circumstance in which items are raised and the environment in which they will be received.

We will be conscientious in all physical and intellectual endeavors. We will recognize how our appearance, choice of words, tone and body expression impact others around us. We will strive to create a caring and welcoming feeling to all, at all times, in all situations. We will be conscientious in all situations that our presence can impact perception and reputation.

We will be generous with our time and renderings of our success. We will give back to our business and personal communities by sharing within our means and will do so consistently even in the times we are challenged to do so.

We will be honest in all dealings with partners, clients, employees and most importantly ourselves. We will behave within the utmost ethical and moral standards while reflecting our intentions to provide consistently sound business solutions within the spirit of this value statement.