Lesley Lane, is a Regional Business Developer at Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS). AMS is a Professional Development Training, Organizational Development Consulting, and Performance Coaching firm, helping global enterprise clients since 1994 to develop their Leadership Teams, Management Skills, and Organizational Best Practice.

As a Regional Business Developer, Lesley focuses her efforts on building relationships and expanding awareness of the AMS brand through her professional network.

Over her career, Lesley has managed Fortune 100 partnerships in both strategic marketing and supply chain capacities. With over 25 years of experience, Lesley has planned, executed and managed strategic customer acquisition programs spanning 3rd party partnerships, marketing, specialized offers, contract negotiations, complex legal requirements, technology requirements, business forecasts, and a $40 M promotional budget. She has planned, managed and executed various aspects of the supply chain process including inventory planning, and purchasing as well as sitting on several business process improvement teams.

Lesley’s unique knowledge of both front and back office best practice allows her to foster integrated client partnerships. Her collaborative approach to solutions design, partnership building, and relationship development is complemented by a focus on stewardship which leads to dynamic engagements.

Lesley also has a keen eye on strategic partnerships, association relationships, and brand penetration at the firm to help bolster the reach and scale of the business development effort. Focusing on long term partnerships has been a hallmark of her career and in sync with the core values AMS brings to its engagement and service delivery model.