David Wallis

David Wallis is a Managing Principal – Practice Advisor at Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS), a Global Management Consulting firm, practicing in the areas of Organizational Development Consulting, Professional Development Training, and Performance Coaching. AMS has been serving Fortune 100/500, Middle-Market, Emerging High-Growth, and Government clients since 1994.

As a Managing Principal – Practice Advisor, Dave focuses his efforts on core Leadership and Professional Development solutions that range from all aspects of Business Performance, Communication, Project Management, Agile Transformation, and Product Management. Additionally, adding oversight to the design, development, and delivery of the firm’s solution portfolio and managing the talent onboarding process to ensure quality control through the firm’s delivery/engagement methodology.

David is an International Management Consultant. He focuses on organizational and employee development aimed at improving performance through specialized training, and consulting. David’s experience includes Strategy, Deployment and Performance, Business Performance Assessment, Board Advisory, Business Closure & Redeployment, Executive Search, Change Management, with Significant experience gained in Global Asset Management and Commercial Banking. David deploys his talent across multiple industries and has a proven track record of results.

He has designed, developed, and delivered new content for multiple clients across various industries, undertaken strategic reviews of client mission and values, as well as market placement. He has a wide range of experience in respect of Designing and Implementing Strategy, Driving Business Change, Engineering the Optimization of business performance as well as consulting on the diverse Communication requirements that emanate from such assignments. He has worked with clients in the areas of merger & acquisition, management buyout, technology deployment, and has provided consulting services to venture capital providers in respect of creating performance pathways to execute their strategy.

David completed a 34-year long career with HSBC Group and retired from the Bank in 2012 having undertaken a variety of leadership roles in different business groups and locations. These include London, United Kingdom, Jersey, Offshore Islands, Warsaw, Poland and Lisbon, Portugal.