Storytelling with Data

Course Code: AMS2079


  • 7 Professional Development Credits (PDC’s) granted via the Society of Human Resource Management® (SHRM)
  • 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) granted via the Project Management Institute® (PMI)
  • 7 Continuing Development Units (CDUs) granted via the International Institute of Business Analysis® (IIBA)

This AMS course provides a deep insight to the skills, tools, and techniques associated with Storytelling with Data, and can be used as part of a progressive curricular, standalone learning experience, or team up-skilling initiative. Storytelling with Data is a key skill in today’s progressive organizations. Storytelling and the need to collect, collate, analyze, stratify and present the information and data that matters in a manner and style that promotes clarity and understanding is a key differentiator in the quality of communication. The need to be able to look at reports, spreadsheets and visual imagery, understand what it is telling you and then make decisions is paramount in this age of Agile thinking. Storytelling with Data is a practical workshop solution, presenting a range of tips, techniques and suggestions to help convey messages so that data does indeed tell the story. Information and Data provide the foundation for decisions to be made at the highest level in most enterprises and this workshop will illustrate many of the best practices that drive engagement. Storytelling has enhanced the ability to convey complex principles and when practiced properly delivers a significant and positive impact on retention of information. People remember a good story and it is this principle that helps us to develop the techniques and application. The course themes walk delegates through a progressive build of knowledge and experience to enhance their ability by using storyboarding techniques to enhance communications skills whether directly or indirectly. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with imbedded scenarios, participating in table exercises, building a personal action plan, and sharing with their peers.

Learning Modules 

  • Know your Audience
  • Paying Attention to Attention
  • Storytelling
  • Using Data Visualization techniques

Who Should Attend

Those individuals that are routinely working with data and are looking to save time by creating impactful documents and presentations that will promote understanding and thus enhance the speed of the decision making process.

Delivery Modality and Duration Options

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On-Site Instructor Led Training (OILT):

  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in one day
  • Micro learning = 2 learning modules/blend delivered in a half day

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT):

  • Full course = 4 learning modules delivered in two 3.5 hour sessions – REGISTER
  • Micro learning = 2 learning modules/blend delivered in one 3.5 hour session

Enhancement Options

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