Delivery Types: On-Site Instructor Led, Virtual Instructor Led

Storytelling and Effective Presentations

Course Code: AMS300

Story telling techniques have been used in the legal, advertising and lobbyists sectors for many years.  In the past decade, this skill set was recognized by organizations across many industries to showcase business cases, proposals and other critical points that require a decision based on a complete contextual understanding of the topic.  This program will provide an understanding of how storytelling can be used to engage your audience and educate them through the journey of your presentation.  Upon completion of this program participants will be able to leverage this skill to make more impactful presentations, guide teams toward a common vision, influence with context and generate higher engagement during individual and group conversations. Participants will work as “story building teams” through this workshop and culminate with a story telling session.

Duration: Variable, see Toolbox below

Content Learning Themes

  • Making Impactful Presentations
  • Guiding Teams Toward a Common Vision
  • Influence with Context
  • Generate Engagement

Who Should Attend

Anybody involved in negotiations and those involved in delivering presentations will be best suited to enroll in this program. Additionally, those who are seeking to improve their persuasive communication will benefit from this course.

Training Customization 

Training Customization allows you to choose topics, customize content, deliver creatively, measure results, support post-learning, and earn credits.