Robots as Co-workers: Adapting with Artificial Intelligence

Course Code: AMS1123

Robots as Co-workers: Adapting with Artificial Intelligence – In today’s ever changing business environment, the reality of artificial intelligence, automation and robotic process is a growing reality. Unlike the early versions of robotics, today’s mechanical contributors are built to excel alongside their human counterparts. Organizations are seeking ways to enhance quality and productivity by optimizing the interface between the two. Quality, process control and even “human” resources all cross through the modern age of automation. This program explores those crossroads and offers best practices and tools to establish the optimal shared environment between man and machine across all industries.

Participants will engage in a dynamic workshop to discuss and practice the behaviors and best practices necessary to get the most of the modern age of collaboration.

Duration: Variable, see below

Content Learning Themes

  • Man and machine interface
  • Addressing the threat
  • Quality management
  • Support robot your co-worker
  • Adaptive improvement

Who Should Attend

Any leader or manager charged with the integration of automation, supervising automation or preparing to integrate automation.

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