Project Management Communication and Stakeholder Management

As project and program managers are always judged at the end of things: phases, milestones, projects, etc., some of these are long and arduous. The ability to develop and manage productive relationships borders on art form and is a critical success factor for senior project/program managers. As project/program efforts approach the large and complex level, the level of stakeholder to stakeholder interaction increases. We must increase our level of professionalism and preparedness to match this challenge. This course will introduce the participant to tools, mechanics and interpersonal distinctions involved in successful and sustained communication and stakeholder management.

Duration: Variable, see Toolbox below

Content Learning Themes

  • Define the roles (formal & informal) of the stakeholder
  • Define the role that transparency and communication play in stakeholder management
  • Utilize the stakeholder analysis to develop the elements of the Communications Plan
  • Learn how to manage and transform unreasonable requests
  • Structure the change management and configuration processes
  • Develop the Stakeholder Management Plan and Relationship Milestones
  • Understand the challenges of managing politics, protocol and organizational agendas

Who Should Attend

Project managers, customer project managers, project team members and those who wish to gain the understanding of customer and project team integration would benefit by taking this course. 

Training Customization 

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