Organizational Culture: Understanding the Who, How and Why

Course Code: AMS2076

Organizational Culture (OC) is a critical aspect of your company’s ability to deliver consistent quality within the “image” of the brand. OC is not an internal vs. external topic, it is all inclusive and should guide you through every aspect of your daily work. This course addresses the nature of OC within the context of who we are, how we work, and why we do it all. Participants will be guided through real-world scenarios back dropped by core cultural elements to establish an understanding of their accountability to the environment they will be working in. This program is designed to integrate your company’s principles and then backdrop them with exercises to “test” the understanding of what they look like when set in motion. Participants will gain knowledge of the OC through peer interaction and take away a better understanding of expectation along with a set of tools to ensure they can leverage the Mission and Values during all aspects of their work.

Duration: Variable, see below

Content Learning Themes

  • Understand the meaning of the Mission & Vision
  • Learn the behaviors that support the Mission & Vision
  • Identify core competencies to support behaviors
  • Measure within the Code of Conduct
  • Embrace business and professional acumen
  • Model and mentor to behavioral standards

Who Should Attend

Anyone on-boarding or early in their career within an organization that embraces the culture as a core guiding factor in how they do business.

Training Customization 

Training Customization allows you to choose topics, customize content, deliver creatively, measure results, support post-learning, and earn credits.