Marketing Strategy Integration

Course Code: AMS329

Marketing Strategy Integration is a course designed to prepare Marketing Professionals for the “curve.”  In today’s dynamic market-place, being ahead, on, or behind the curve is the delineating factor to market penetration.  This course will define the strategic, operational, and tactical elements of a well defined Marketing Strategy and will provide tools and insights on the best way to integrate it with your organization’s growth plans.  Participants will gain insights on the trends impacting organizations and how to capitalize on market opportunity.

Duration: Variable, see Toolbox below

Content Learning Themes

  • Understanding the Marketing Strategy
  • Leverage decision making tools to validate the Marketing Strategy
  • Analyze market research and data for consumer trends
  • Communicate the right brand message
  • New Product Development within the Marketing Cycle
  • Know how the supply chain works

Who Should Attend

Brand managers, marketing professionals, and anyone aligned to the direct customer facing product cycle.

Training Customization 

Training Customization allows you to choose topics, customize content, deliver creatively, measure results, support post-learning, and earn credits.