Managing Project Controls

Course Code: AMS1052

This AMS course provides a deep insight to the skills, tools, and techniques associated with Managing Project Controls, and can be used as part of a progressive curricular, standalone learning experience, or team up-skilling initiative. Managing Project Controls is a key skill in today’s progressive organizations. As a correlation to project quality, it does no good to have a stringent monitoring and control plan-approach that one cannot actually execute. The lack of control “execute-ability” lies in a lack of understanding regarding the development (“set-up”) of the project’s Scope, WBS, Work Packages, Cost Accounts and Associated Baselines. This course explores the underlying planning-based elements that ensure project control as well as the systematic, process, and cultural considerations involved with developing and implementing a “practical” project control system and implementation culture. Participants will enhance their experience by interacting with imbedded scenarios, participating in table exercises, building a personal action plan, and sharing with their peers.

Learning Modules 

  • Definition of Project Controls
  • Project Planning for effective Project Control
  • Project structure considerations
  • Scope Development
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Risk management in the control approach
  • Project monitoring, analysis and control
  • Organizational impact of project controls

Who Should Attend

Project leaders, managers and oversight personnel with a need to understand, build, and manage project controls.

Delivery Modality and Duration Options

On-Site Instructor Led Training (OILT):

  • Accelerated Course  = 4 learning modules/blend delivered in one day
  • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in two days

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT):

  • Accelerated Course = 4 learning modules/blend delivered in two 3.5 hour sessions
  • Full course = 8 learning modules delivered in four 3.5 hour sessions

Customize your Organizations Learning Experience

  • Personalize courses with scenarios, thought leader questions, exercises, and personal action plans
  • Supplement courses with eLearning
  • Measure courses with performance tools and coaching programs

Apply Certification/Re-certification credits to select courses 

  • Project Management Institute (PMI)®
  • International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)®
  • Society of Human Resource Management® (SHRM)