Business Analysis Best Practices

This workshop gives you a proven set of core techniques, methods and tricks for requirements elicitation and writing. Requirements written in human language can be subjective, ambiguous and subject to interpretation. To create “good” requirements, you need to become proficient in the “language and techniques” of requirements definition. The workshop covers how to write effective business requirements and includes business analysis techniques to identify and analyze business problems. Furthermore, this workshop gives you an experience-proven set of techniques, methods and tricks to help you model, analyze, and improve both business and system processes. These approaches will help you create business process models including workflow diagrams and swim lane (activity) diagrams.

Duration: Variable, see Toolbox below

Content Learning Themes

  • Write Business Requirements that solve business problems
  • Use 10 critical requirements questions to guide the requirements capture process
  • Translate business needs into well-structured business requirement statements
  • Apply the four rules for managing a group of requirements
  • Prioritize requirements based on business and system needs
  • List 5 improvement methods based on business process models
  • Describe business process models
  • Model the AS IS business process
  • Document the details of each process using the most appropriate technique
  • Document existing business processes

Who Should Attend

Business System Analysts, Business Analysts, Requirement Managers, System Analysts, Business Process Users, Business Process Managers, Subject Matter Experts, User Liaison Personnel, and anyone involved in defining or deciphering business system requirements would benefit from taking this course.


Training Customization 

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