Organizational Development Consulting

    Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Planning

    Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Planning is a core attribute in any modern corporate inventory of best practices. Identifying, understanding, and mitigating the risks to strategy, operations, and the physical & technological aspects of the enterprise is critical.

    Mounting risk from cyber, environmental, geo-political, competitive, and talent vulnerabilities can undermine business continuity and disrupt the ability to execute. AMS has a team of talented executive level practitioners with the experience to help you identify vulnerabilities and create the strategy and plans to mitigate risk.

    Utilizing core best practice and a methodical approach to identifying the gaps in the organization based on your unique operating goals and norms, the team will establish a change integration strategy to help shift toward lower operational risk exposure.

    Best Practice Implementation Considerations

    • Identify the vulnerabilities across the people, process, technology, and programs that make up the foundation of the organization.
    • Generate a comprehensive vulnerability report to evaluate path forward actions that mitigate risks.
    • Design change objectives that support closing the gaps and lowering the vulnerabilities identified.
    • Collaborate with the organizations leaders/teams to build execution plans that support the change objectives and support the implementation as required.
    • Create ongoing measurement matrix to ensure future risk visibility and continuous improvement are part of the organization’s vulnerability assessment/mitigation best practice.

    Best Practice Summary

    Being proactive to avoid risk is a mission critical activity in any organization that values business continuity. The overt risks associated with business today are more advanced than ever before. Integrating a best practice to teach, support, and manage risk strategies will prove to be a high value component to any strategic plan and underlying operational norms. Before taking any action, it is imperative to identify the needs and thus, a vulnerability assessment to ensure the tightest alignment to the organization’s gaps.

    Customize your Consulting Experience

    • Leverage executive level practitioners
    • Benefit from benchmark research
    • Gain insight from cross-industry experience
    • Measure results via our project based engagement process
    • Collaborate within our teach/learn/apply approach