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    Project Leadership

    Project Leadership has become much more of a general requirement than in days gone by when the project manager required more functional-tactical skills.  In today’s agile business the project manager must possess many of the same skills as senior managers and embrace the role of being the CEO of their own projects.  In the world of Agile and Hybrid methodologies, it is critical that the successful project managers possess robust leadership competencies to succeed at projects of high complexity and risk.

    AMS has designed a proprietary Project Management Leadership Model to align with global best practice, and industry benchmarks to assist organizations and individuals in identifying and developing the leadership requirements of a dynamic project environment.  The AMS model is supported by a complete inventory of competencies, associated behavioral elements, and aligned to a customized matrix of required competencies for projects of varying size and complexity.  Organizations around the world have embraced this model to complement existing PMO structures, integrate scaled Project Management into their operational structure, and to design a progressive career track for project managers within the company.

    Application of the model is driven by a detailed competency assessment, readiness analysis and overview to identify gaps and then prescribe a range of developmental actions to assist the project manager (quite often Just in Time mode (JIT)) in successfully managing within a specific range of project types, sizes and complexities.

    Best Practice Implementation Considerations

    Leadership Excellence

    • Team Leadership
    • Accountability
    • Achievement of Business Results
    • Change Management

    Project Management Discipline

    • General Planning Proficiency
    • Execution Planning Proficiency
    • Scope, Time, and Cost Management Proficiency

    Interpersonal Excellence

    • Customer Focus
    • Influence
    • Organizational Savvy
    • Relationship Management

     Personal Excellence

    • Self Confidence
    • Integrity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication Management
    • Business Knowledge

    Best Practice Summary

    AMS experts will help to accomplish a collaborative and targeted assessment that will leave project managers with a clearly defined PM Maturity Path and provide their managers with a definitive path for coaching, mentoring and performance evaluation.

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