Change Strategy

Best Practice Overview 

Change strategy in an organization is an on-going force that requires proactive planning and consideration.  AMS leverages the executive level experience of our consulting team along with a structured methodology to help coordinate organizational change initiatives.

Events that make up change can range from the controlled implantation of transition plans to the events of a critical incident.  It is vitally important that your organization recognize and deal with the varied elements of change in a precise way to ensure that any collateral impact is mitigated.

Best Prcatice Implementation Considerations 

AMS can help your organization by:

  • Designing proactive change strategies
  • Creating personal change plans
  • Identifying critical stress factors and mitigation plans
  • Producing risk reward analysis for large initiatives
  • Align ROI to the analytics of change

The above items are just a partial list of the activities we may deploy to help an organization reduce the negative impact associated with change and accentuate the positive outcome needed.

Best Practice Summary 

Additionally, organizations need to know how the return from a change effort will impact their bottom-line.  Uncontrolled change or, “change for the sake of change” can be detrimental to the organization and its human capital.  AMS has a deep level of experience helping companies align strategic change initiatives with all elements of the organization’s culture.  Our consultants have worked in culturally diverse, controlled and uncontrolled environments throughout the world.  This unique and dynamic set of interactions allows us to share real-world experience with our clients and help them to accomplish results with the minimum amount of impact.