Organizational Development Consulting

    Brainstorming, Idea Generation, and Consensus Building

    Brainstorming, Idea Generation, and Consensus Building is a critical aspect of a productive, collaborative, and diverse culture. Organizations are seeking to imbed the processes needed to not only capture these behavioral traits, but make them second nature to all team environments. Small team sessions are best suited for this robust exercise and will produce powerful and repeatable practices upon initiating “learned” habits.

    Best Practice Implementation Considerations 

    The behaviors for Brainstorming, Idea Generation, and Consensus Building probably already exist within your corporate culture. The challenge is drawing them to the surface and then translating them into optimized action. The following will be used to capture this process:

    • Our experts will work with your teams to structure best practices that are scalable, repeatable, and diverse.
    • Your teams will customize the best practices to fit them for purpose within their project portfolio.
    • We will dynamically test models via collaborative exercises to establish repeatable norms within each team.

    Best Practice Summary

    The above actions will result in creating the foundation for Brainstorming, Idea Generation, and Consensus Building. This methodical approach to collaboration will build upon existing cultural norms and provide a best practice for contributing teams to leverage at each meeting. The approach will work within an agile environment and can benefit project managers, product owners, solutions teams, and problem solvers. Once our team “installs” these norms, it is expected that your teams will be able to continue building upon the skills needed to become internal experts.

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