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Agile Organization

Agile Organization design & Integrated Project Management (AIPM) is the collection  of benchmarks and best practices of what works in  dynamic organizations.  This portfolio of best practices will help you to establish a transformation map to integrate Agile techniques across the enterprise and within all core PM functions as they related to development and end-user interphase norms.

Best Practice Implementation Considerations  

  • Agile Organization concepts, processes, and artifacts
  • Tailor your project processes to use appropriate A&IPM processes and artifacts
  • Leverage project management and many analytical techniques employed
  • Design clear roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager
  • Define project processes that take less time, effort, and reduce errors
  • Design reporting, forms, documents, status reporting, and other levels of process to suit certain projects
  • Define when “good enough” is good enough (quality matrix)
  • Setting process, team norms
  • Design process to establish a productive and open project communications partnership

Best Practice Summary

Agile considerations can impact all cross functional teams in an organization.  The basic behavioral elements of the Agile environment may not align culturally or systematically.  Proactive organizations are establishing and coming to better understand the Agile, impact points and generating proactive strategy to allow for natural maturation between teams.  Our best practices can help accelerate this process and secure better quality in less time by brining the Agile transformation to the forefront of need in the PMO and Business community.  Collaboration will soften the impact of change and your organizations will benefit from sustainable process and efficiency across the BA function.

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