Consulting Practice

AMS is an Organization Development, Training, and Consulting firm with over 25 years of global experience. We concentrate our practice in the areas of Project Management, Business Analysis, Professional Development, and Operational Performance.

By focusing on these critical areas we optimize the performance of people, process, technology, and organizations, resulting in sustainable solutions.

Our clients benefit from the following:

  • Industry expert design and delivery
  • Needs assessments
  • Project execution planning
  • Project quick starts
  • Benchmarking
  • Related training courses

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Industry Expert Design and Delivery

  • Thought Leaders
  • Industry Practitioners
  • Industry/Academically Accredited
  • Industry/AMS Certified

Needs Assessments

  • Vulnerability
  • Capability
  • Readiness
  • Performance gap

Project Execution Planning

  • Plan development
  • Execution strategy
  • Solution Intergration
  • Measurable milestones

Project Quick Starts

  • Rapid development planning
  • Internalized oversight
  • Skills enhancement
  • Team collaboration


  • Industry
  • Organization
  • Project
  • Competancy

Related Training Courses

  • Enhance solution sustainability
  • Build internal competancy
  • Wide inventory of titles
  • Custom solutions