I Want to be Like Chris: Living an Inspired Life, Written by David Wallis

Not that remarkable because I know a lot of people called Chris. However this particular one is Chris Hadfield, the Astronaut and Author of ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’ as well as a musician of YouTube note and fame.

We are the same age, have never met, have very different backgrounds and careers and yet, having read his book I feel I know him. Yet he became an Astronaut and, well, I never really left the ground.

His square peg, round hole, experience captured my interest. The dreams of a 9 year old boy and his reluctance to let go irrespective of the challenges and dead ends that were encountered. He is a 55-year-old Astronaut able to reconnect with his childhood, because he is living and has lived his dream.

I remember the day Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, along with my classmates we all watched the event at school, what we saw we did not fully understand, but I remember it, the people, the room, the teachers, the school.

In doing so I remember my boyhood, hoping to be selected for the football team and thinking I was the next Bobby Charlton. My dream was not to be a footballer, but to be the best at something, an expert in my chosen field and to be recognized by others and that is the dream that still drives me, not unlike Chris.

And just the other day I had this experience.

I heard the roar of the engines, felt the thrust of energy, the speed and then the calm floating sensation only I was not in outer space I was doing what I had dreamed of, all of my training, experience and preparation was drawn together as if my first ‘Space’ walk had commenced.

I was like Chris.

This meant that I was fulfilling my dream, doing what I wanted to do, with people that mattered, in a location that I was proud to be in; with training, experience, and material that was World Class… as a facilitator in a classroom environment. In the context of my own life, aspirations and dreams this was my Astronaut moment!


So thank you Chris, if this review ever reaches you, thanks for sharing, for being a 9 year with the courage to hold on to that dream throughout your life and career, it makes me smile to think of you looking up to the sky because I was looking as well, we both flew and reached our dreams although like me you are also earth bound now!

Which all goes to show that you do not have to go to space to have your Astronaut moment because you can have that here on Earth!


  1. An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth, Written by Chris Hadfield