Transforming into a High Performance Team, Written by Phil Ventresca, M.B.A.

Transforming into a High Performance Team – Last week, I was part of a realization that our core team had here at AMS.  The transformation from a really good team, to a high performance team is one that is recognized by the emotion and the culture, before the results.  In fact, if you are looking for the results as a first measurement, many times you will obscure the real benefit.

I was able to capture the essence of the emotions, the culture and the behavior and thought the following would be useful:

I simply asked; what are you doing differently as a team today, vs. a month ago?

  1. We have found an alignment in our energy, through purpose.
  2. We have committed to a course which was selected through trial.
  3. We have committed to each other and have chosen unconditional support based on predetermined acceptance.
  4. We have focused on our confidence and knowledge of what, why and how we do things.
  5. We have blocked out static and found the signal which feeds us only back to our core vision.
  6. We have committed to become stewards to our being, not just each other, but the environment that we come together in.
  7. We have committed to compassion, passion and drive, all balanced and directed toward the betterment of each other.
  8. We care, we love and we seek thoughtfulness in all we do.

I was moved by this self-assessment and even more so by the maturity and commitment to improvement that they embraced to come up with this.