No Gain Without Pain, Written by David Wallis

I was fortunate to listen to a number of the Webcasts from the Credit Suisse Industrials Conference this week and it struck me that the pain/gain pendulum is in full flow and fueling sustained growth across multiple industries and sectors.

One Senior Executive readily admitted that a performing division may well achieve stronger growth if it was spun off, a willingness to divest a portfolio that is performing and a recognition that it is critical to alignment of company synergies and portfolio mix. This creates opportunity and that is significant.

Growth was a familiar word, woven in to all of the presentations, everyone was talking about it, even though it may fall back in revenue terms during 2016, it is still growth. What was more encouraging was that in all the presentations Capex and investment was high on the agenda in technology, people, and customer service.

I was impressed in every case by the willingness to outline necessary business transformation initiatives, readily accepting that pain would deliver long term gain. A straightforward dialogue on front line service challenges and benchmarking against best in class shows that these executives are on top of their game.

What I heard gave me confidence that this growth is sustainable over a longer horizon, those at the helm are acting upon their words and delivering on their key metrics with increased certainty and confidence, long may it continue.

Where there is pain there is gain and the gain fortunately is upon us now.