Enterprise Agility Matrix: 3 Secrets to Business Success That All of You Need – Written by Joseph Raynus

The corporate world of today is seeing changes that are more extreme and more frequent than ever in the past. As cut-throat as the corporate sector is, it goes without saying that the companies, businesses, and organizations need to up their game if they want to survive. And that’s where the Enterprise Agility Matrix comes into play.

The stepping stone to treasures as vast as they are unique, the Enterprise Agility Matrix serves as the perfect tool to help the companies, businesses and organizations to adapt to the changes in the environment in an efficient and effective way. The Matrix ensures that all entities involved are already equipped with the skills that are needed to evolve in a plausible manner. Still not sure what makes the Enterprise Agility Model so special?

Here are three reasons to change your mind!

1. The Enterprise Agility Matrix is Different

With every decade since the industrial revolution come myriads of models and matrices, each of which is advertised as the ultimate secret to everlasting success. The vast majority of these models and matrices are limited in their scope and what they have to offer. However, the enterprise agility matrix does not only provide a holistic view of what agility of an enterprise looks like, but also provides a simplistic blueprint for implementation. And this brings us nicely to the next point.

2. The Enterprise Agility Matrix is Practical

What’s beautiful about the Enterprise Agility Matrix is that nothing is hidden or impossible about it. All constituent elements of the Enterprise Agility Matrix are as simple as it can get – a characteristic that positively affects the practicality of the matrix. Comprehensively divided into Dynamic Strategy and Organizational Flexibility, the Enterprise Agility Matrix shows individuals and groups what needs to be focused on for each aspect of agility. Additionally, instead of treating leadership, agility, and innovation as independent or distinct entities, the Enterprise Agility Matrix focuses on the integration of all of these to come together and make the business more agile, and responsive to the changes of the environment. What’s more, instead of simply providing users with a bird’s eye view of what they should be focusing on and leaving them to figure out the rest for themselves, the steps that need to be taken to improve each aspect of organizational agility are explicitly mentioned in the model itself, leaving users with no room for mistakes.

3. The Enterprise Agility Matrix is Comprehensive

Featuring distinct sections for an Agile Organization, a Dynamic Business Model, Leadership, and Innovation, the Enterprise Agility Matrix is presented in an extremely concise manner. Users get a holistic view of the problem, with the solution right in front of them. Since the involvement of leaders is imperative when it comes to making any company more agile or responsive to the changes that surround it, the first section of the Enterprise Agility Matrix encourages focusing on leadership unity. The next section of the Enterprise Agility Matrix deals with the application of strategic innovation to improve the dynamic strategy that you have in place for your company. Additionally, since flexibility and adaptability are integral components for the agility of any enterprise, the last two sections of the Enterprise Agility Matrix focus on these very areas, owing to the results that doing so can have on success. Even though the Enterprise Agility Matrix looks like an interesting and straightforward concept, it is far more intricate and complex than one can ever perceive it to be at first glance. As self-explanatory as it may be, there are quite a number of aspects that one may not be able to factor in even after long periods of studying the model and what it truly stands for. For this very reason, the Enterprise Agility Matrix has been studied and discussed extensively throughout literature, particularly in one of my books such as Agilizing the Enterprise – a book that relays to readers all information that they could possibly need about agility and how it can be incorporated in the organizations of today without burning out.

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