The Reward of Recovering Challenged Projects

The Reward of Recovering Challenged Projects are vast and wide as they cascade through the project, team, and organization in a positive way.  You have been a project manager for a number of years now and have been performing extremely well.   With each successive project, you feel like you are really getting into the “groove” and you enjoy managing projects.  Pulling together each new team and engaging with the customer is exciting, and you actually enjoy creating a project plan.  Best of all, your projects consistently perform well, and you are getting recognition for your success.

Then comes the day you did not anticipate.  Your manager calls you into the office and tells you about your next assignment.  There is this lousy project.  It is missing most of its deadlines, overrunning the budget, the project performance is not good, and the customer is irate.  You are to take over the management of this project — and fix it!

Welcome to the world of high-performing project managers who are often rewarded by being called upon to “Recover Challenged Projects.”  What you immediately realize is that this world is very different from what you are used to because you are stepping into an existing project rather than starting from scratch – an existing project that is on life support.  Explore all of the research…

Written by Ed Santavicca 

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