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Challenged Projects – Techniques for Recovery

Date and Time(s):
03/26/2018 at 10:00 am EST to 1:00 pm EST
Today’s fast-paced project environments, coupled with organizations where formal project management may not be their strong suit, are creating project lifecycles short on the necessary up-front planning. These accelerated life cycles can be the beginning of runaway and challenged projects. This workshop addresses the four phases of project recovery: Entering, Analysis/Assessment, Execution/Control, and Closing.

Duration: 3 hours

Content Learning Themes

  • Understand and define “Challenged” project and the relevant benchmark attributes
  • Identify early warning signs that a project may be in trouble
  • Apply appropriate tools for assessing the current state and issues of the project
  • Develop project execution plan elements for recovery
  • Working with and developing third party consulting scope and strategies
  • Validate recovery estimates, resource loading, budget and schedule
  • Re-establish monitoring strategies and thresholds for budget, schedule and risk management issues
  • Re-establish monitoring strategies and thresholds for issues

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